Luleå: 8 winter must-dos in Sweden’s far north

Visit Luleå on how to experience perfect winter in Sweden
Eight winter must-do activities and ways to experience the true Swedish winter are presented by Visit Lulea in The Local newspaper.
The first suggestion is to “walk on water”, in other words to skate, sled, walk or even bike across lakes frozen over a metre thick, for example along Luleå’s Ice Trail.
Dog sledding is an essential winter activity for tourists, pulled by your own team of dogs, while a snowmobile safari over fields of pack ice on the edge of frozen Bay of Bothnia passing 10-metre high ice formations is just as memorable.
Ice-fishing can be part of a laidback stay at Jopikgården, a family-run hotel full of traditional Swedish décor, old-fashioned hospitality and local cuisine.
Just as relaxing is a visit to Gammelstad, a town with 424 wooden houses and a 15th-century stone church, its streets thick with snow at this time of year. It is celebrating 20 years as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and nearby is the Hägnan Open-Air Museum.
Ice Music concerts in Luleå in winter are played entirely on instruments made of ice in a giant igloo that can hold audiences of more than 150 people.
Visit Luleå also recommends watching an ice hockey or basketball game and, finally, “eating really, really good food” at “some of the best restaurants in the Nordics” where you can try reindeer heart or moose files.
The Local