Luxor turns to social media to spread safety message

New governor of Luxor says, “We don’t have a problem here”
Luxor will be using social media to get the message out that the city – and Egypt as whole – are safe to visit again, TTG Digital reports.
Speaking in the first week of taking up his role as governor of Luxor, Mohamed Sayed Badr, 41, said online media was an effective way of winning hearts and minds over the issue. He is hoping that by inviting bloggers to the country on fam trips, he will be able to show how safe the destination has become after the revolution in 2013.
“People know [the country is safe] very well but they have to believe, and the direct message will come from the people. We will work with social media and TripAdvisor to provide the real situation here. I will work below the line with the social media and I’m asking to have a fam for all the bloggers from all over the world to send the message out,” he said.
“In our marketing we will give the message that we don’t have a problem here. Luxor is also a standalone destination.”
Badr said he will consider subsidising charter flights run by tour operators if they are not initially full and cost-effective.
He will also be seeking to reinstate Nile cruises between Cairo and Luxor after they were abandoned in the wake of the revolution over safety concerns and following the successful reintroduction of allowing tourists to use the overnight sleeper train service earlier this year.
The city, which is home to both the temple complex of Karnak and Luxor temple as well as the gateway to the Valley of the Kings and the Hatshepsut temple, has seen a drop in visitor numbers following since 2013. Hotels have been forced to respond with a drop in rates of up to 80%, particularly in the two- and three-star markets.
TTG Digital
[pictured: Luxor Temple by night]


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