Luxury cruises sail upper reaches of Amazon

Passengers get up close to dolphins, piranhas, tarantulas
Travel and foodie site The Daily Meal features a once-in-a-lifetime river cruise through the upper reaches of the Peruvian Amazon.
By the time the four-day, three-night experience is over, the writer has stroked a wild tarantula in a tracker’s hands in the jungle, fished for piranhas in a creek, watch capuchins leap on the boat in a raid for bananas, seen pink river dolphins and witnessed the Amazon’s indigenous peoples.
Delfin II is an all-suite riverboat run by Peru-based Delfin Amazon Cruises, aimed at those who prefer not to “rough it” in the world’s most diverse rainforest. The firm has two boats, the four-suite Delfin I and the 14-suite Delfin II.
Adventurers, gourmands and eco-travellers are on board for the cruise through the malaria-free Upper Amazon tributaries. The breadth of the wildlife on this South American safari, reached via the jungle city of Iquitos and private coach, leaves everyone speechless.
The Daily Meal

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