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Photo: Hotel Pacai

Luxury hotel celebrates one year in Vilnius

With an emphasis on celebrating the local cultural heritage, Hotel Pacai in the Lithuanian capital attracted 25,000 guests in its first year.

Situated in the Old Town of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, Hotel Pacai opened its doors one year ago, and in that time has served nearly 25,000 guests.

The former residence of the Lithuanian Pacai noble family, the building is a Baroque palace dating back to 1677. The historic palace has survived the eras, from the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth, to the invasion of Napoleon, to the reign of the Russian tsars.

The hotel says it is currently the only one in the Baltic countries to hold a Design Hotels membership, which entails “rigorous admittance criteria” and that a hotel must “harmoniously blend into local surroundings and preserve local traditions”.

During its first year of operation, it was awarded first place in the design category at the International Hospitality Awards, was included among the best new hotels ranked by the US design magazine Surface, and has also been recognised in a variety of regional awards for the effort to revive historic buildings.

“We are a unique hotel in Vilnius and the Baltic states in that we offer the most integrated experience. The music, the plants and the decor are all matched with our theme of un-fussed sophistication. We integrate works by local artists and blend modern aesthetics with authenticity. The 25,000 guests that have visited us in the past year is the best testament to our creativity and effort to make staying at Pacai an extraordinary experience,” says Rūta Pulkauninkaitė-Macikė, general manager of the hotel.

Beyond rooms
Pacai also has restaurants and a spa on site. Also, Restaurant Nineteen18, featured in the White Guide as the second-best restaurant in the Nordics, is located on the premises of the hotel. It offers tasting menus of New Nordic Cuisine and uses Lithuanian ingredients and local food traditions. The chefs source the food from local farms located within a 100-kilometre radius around Vilnius.

The brasserie 14 Horses, also sourcing seasonal products from local suppliers and infused with Lithuanian and Baltic traditions, is also part of the hotel, while the bar Sofija offers classic and modern cocktails, local craft beers, artisanal spirits, champagnes and wines.

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