Luxury hotel gives beauty rules to staff

Famous hotel makes demands on female employees
A luxury hotel in London is under fire for emailing its female staff with a list of beauty demands, from telling them to shave their legs to saying they should wear “full make-up”.
The famous Dorchester hotel in Mayfair has hosted everyone from Victoria Beckham to Tom Cruise. But, according to press reports, many of its employees are paid £9 (€10.67) an hour and are expected to invest money and time on their appearance.
Women must not have “oily skin” – as if they have a choice – or “excess body hair”. They should “have regular manicures” and – even more condescending – brush their teeth and wash their hair.
“The women are all pretty livid but worry that if they complain – or rebel and turn up to work with chipped, dirty nails and hairy legs, for example – they’ll be sacked on the spot,” an anonymous member of staff told MailOnline.
The full list of rules:
Shave your legs (even if wearing tights)
Wear full make-up
Wash your hair
Brush your teeth
Use deodorant
Have regular manicures
Have oily skin
Wear overly garish or bright make-up
Display chipped or bitten nails
Have off-putting body odour
Display any excess body hair, which includes the face
MailOnline / Yahoo Style