Luxury hotels in Baltic capitals work together

Top hotels in each city cooperate under Baltic Pearls scheme

The Gallery Park Hotel, which has just become the first hotel in Riga to be awarded a “5-star superior” classification under HOTREC’s strict rules, is working together with two other upscale boutique properties in the region to create pan-Baltic luxury hotel packages for its high-paying guests. Under the Baltic Pearls scheme together with the five-star Hotel Stikliai in Vilnius and the five-star Three Sisters Hotel in Tallinn, the Gallery Park aims to make travel easier for guests by arranging a single payment for stays in more than one hotel, providing car rentals or chauffeur-driven cars between the cities, pre-arranging dinners in each property, and other perks.
The scheme was created on the initiative of Angela Blate, general director of the Gallery Park Hotel. “Luxury guests can be very impulsive with the travel decisions,” she says. “We’re continuing to tweak the details according to demand. The idea is to give a holistic impression of the cities and the hotels’ excellent services.”
The luxury segment in the Baltic countries continues to develop, with the opening of the Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square Vilnius on September 5 after five years of delays.
[photo courtesy Gallery Park Hotel]