Luxury lifestyle hotels soon to open in Reykjavik

Hotel industry in Icelandic capital is expanding fast
The hotel industry in Reykjavik, Iceland, is expanding fast by adding luxury and lifestyle hotels, according to convention bureau Meet in Reykjavik.
As many as 872 hotel rooms came online last year, a 26.3% increase on the previous year. It is estimated that 2,450 new rooms will be opened by the end of 2019.
Key ongoing luxury and lifestyle accommodation projects include: Canopy by Hilton, 112 rooms, opens in 2016; Reykjavik Consulate Hotel, 160 rooms, opens in 2018; Iceland Parliament Hotel, 50 rooms, opens in 2018; Mariott Edition, 250 rooms, opens in 2018-19; and Blue Lagoon Hotel, 60 rooms, opens close to Reykjavík in 2017.
The Reykjavik Consulate Hotel and Iceland Parliament Hotel will be the latest properties developed in collaboration with Icelandair Hotels, a wholly owned subsidiary of Icelandair Group. Consulate will join luxury and upscale Curio properties in cities around the world, including the recently opened Reichshof Hamburg and properties under development in London, Paris, Dubai and Istanbul.
Directly opposite Reykjavik’s parliament building and the city’s main square is the Iceland Parliament Hotel. The development plans include provision for a museum on the ground floor that will display Iceland’s long history of democracy.
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