Luxury travellers have wide range of needs

High-end travel consumers are not all the same
Ongoing studies by show that the luxury travel segment consists of a diverse mix of consumers with a broad range of expectations, TTG Asia reports.
“Our initial research says that the travel industry needs to stop looking at high-end travel consumers as homogenous,” said Carolyn Childs, co-founder of MyTravelResearch, adding that she has identified multiple types of luxury travel consumers, namely the ‘hedonists’, ‘jet setters’, ‘philanthropists’, ‘lotus eaters’, and more.
The research also looks at the growing trend of executive assistants handling travel management budgets, which range from US$10,000 to $2 million, as well as MICE, noting an increasing focus on meetings, events and executive travel in the luxury space.
Michelle Papas, director of marketing and buyer relations at Luxperience: “With these kind of budgets, a clear understanding of how executive and personal assistants work will boost the high-end travel sector. We will continue to work with partners to better inform the industry on the needs of the various market sectors as they affect luxury travel.”
The full study is scheduled for publication to coincide with Luxperience 2016 in September.
TTG Asia