Mach 2.2 cruise speed by mid-2020s

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Japan Airlines and Boom reveal supersonic partnership

Commercial supersonic travel is on the way, as Japan Airlines (JAL) and US-based Boom Supersonic announce a strategic partnership for the air travel of the future.

While new and advanced technologies are changing our lives significantly, flight times have stayed relatively constant. That is set to change.

Boom is developing a new-generation supersonic aircraft that flies at Mach 2.2 and will cut flight times in half. In the new agreement, JAL will provide its knowledge and experience as an airline to support Boom in developing the aircraft.

As part of the deal, JAL has made a strategic investment in Boom of $10 million and is collaborating with it to refine the aircraft design and “help define the passenger experience for supersonic travel”.

JAL also has the option to buy up to 20 Boom aircraft through a pre-order arrangement.

Into service within 10 years
With a maximum range of 8,334 kilometres, Boom aircraft are forecast to enter into service in the mid-2020s, have a cruise speed of Mach 2.2 and come with 45-55 business-class type seating.

“We’ve been working with Japan Airlines behind the scenes for over a year now,” says Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic.

“JAL’s passionate, visionary team offers decades of practical knowledge and wisdom on everything from the passenger experience to technical operations. We’re thrilled to be working with JAL to develop a reliable, easily-maintained aircraft that will provide revolutionary speed to passengers. Our goal is to develop an airliner that will be a great addition to any international airline’s fleet.”

UK airline Virgin Atlantic already has options for 10 of the planes, and an unnamed European carrier has options on 15 more, Boom says.

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