Magnificent ice hotel opens in Swedish Lapland

25th annual Icehotel unveiled in village of Jukkasjärvi

Deep in Swedish Lapland, what is arguably Scandinavia’s most beautiful and best-known ice hotel has just reopened. The 25th annual Icehotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi has been unveiled for the 2014-15 season, delicately carved from 1,600 tonnes of snow and ice.

The hotel features 16 suites, a bar and theatre, the rooms individually designed by 42 artists from around the world – not only Sweden. Concepts for the designs have been based on themes like love and the changing seasons. Photos of the unique hotel can be seen here.

The 7,5°Rø suite, for example, is divided into 12 frames, each leaning against the other at an angle of 7.5 degrees creating a spiral-like twisting effect and an illusion of infinity. The artists, Wolfgang Lachow, Sebastian Scheller and Anja Kilian, were inspired by Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer, who invented a thermometer that measures in Rø units. According to this scale, water turns to ice at 7.5 degrees Rø.

The Guardian

[photo by Paulina Holmgren, courtesy of Discover the World]

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