Major airport to name noisy airlines

Heathrow commits itself to Fly Quiet program

Heathrow has committed to a Fly Quiet program that will publically name the loudest airlines using the airport. As part of a wider plan to cut noise levels, the program will rank airlines on “noise performance”. There will also be a “significant increase” in fines for airlines that break noise limits.
Other plans include a trial of new departure routes, steeper approaches into Heathrow, a new noise insulation scheme and noise insulation for nearby schools.
The airport will continue to work with airlines to reduce noise while maintaining connectivity, Heathrow’s chief executive Colin Matthews said.
“Heathrow is at the forefront of international efforts to tackle aircraft noise and as a result, even though the number of flights has almost doubled since the 1970s, fewer people are affected by noise,” he said.
“A quieter Heathrow is not about adding new runways. It sets out important steps that can, and are, being taken now to reduce aircraft noise. However, Heathrow recognises that if it is to grow, a comprehensive package of measures to tackle noise will [be needed] to ensure there does not have to be a choice between more flights or less noise.”
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