Major Asia-Pacific exhibition opens next week

ATF 2012 TRAVEX to welcome more than 1,400 delegates to Manado

Indonesia, Thailand and other South-East Asian countries are in the spotlight next week as the newly constructed Golden Kawanua Exhibition Hall, the venue for ATF 2012 TRAVEX, prepares to welcome more than 1,400 delegates to Manado. Close to a thousand exhibitors, 390 buyers and more than 100 media delegates will fill the venue during the event over the three days from January 13 to 15.
Host country Indonesia and Thailand form the two biggest national contingents, with 112 and 92 exhibition booths respectively. Corporate exhibitors are participating with 65 exhibition booths.
New buyer participation is coming from four new countries this year – Bulgaria, Egypt, Kuwait and New Zealand. Asia-Pacific is displays its growing purchasing power, with 48% of buyers hailing from the region, followed by 37.6% of buyers representing Europe.
TTG Asia