Major cruise lines see bigger revenues

Passenger revenues and new revenues increase
Cruise Industry News takes a look at the financial performance of the ‘big three’ cruise lines following the announcements of their fourth quarter results.
Net income per passenger day was up for all three brands during the period, but Carnival posted the biggest number and the highest increase compared to the previous year.
Carnival’s net revenue for Q4 was $3.9 billion (up from $3.7 billion), compared to Royal Caribbean’s $1.9 billion (unchanged) and Norwegian Cruise Line’s $1.1 billion (previously $1 billion).
Carnival pushed net income per passenger day to $28.69, up from $13.42 for the same period in 2015, compared to Royal Caribbean’s $26.42, from $21.39, and Norwegian Cruise Line’s $16.45, up from $9.34.
However, Norwegian led the way for gross and net revenue per passenger day, in both ticket price and onboard spending. Norwegian’s net was $67.88 in onboard spending per passenger per day, compared to $46.65 for Royal Caribbean and $41.46 for Carnival. Each of the cruise lines was able to lower operating expenses per passenger day.
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