Malaysia Airlines connects with French trains

“Bimodal agreement” links with high-speed rail in France

Malaysia Airlines has announced a “bimodal agreement” that connects with high-speed rail services in France.

The deal, with French air-and-rail connector TGVAIR, allows the airline to sell journeys from start to finish including a high-speed TGV train between a provincial rail station and Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport as well as a connecting flight on Malaysia Airlines.

Passengers in France who are travelling on Malaysia Airlines can now use this new train-flight service departing from 19 TGV rail stations, including check-in from the start of the journey to the final destination.

Malaysia Airlines points out that there is no need to buy TGV train tickets and flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur and beyond separately. “Passengers buy a fare from start to finish, which means a single transport contract. If they miss their flight or their train because one or the other is delayed, they will be supported,” the airline says.


[image courtesy SNCF]


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