Malaysia seeks to benefit from sport tourism boom

Activities in Malaysia include diving, fishing, trekking, golfing and racing

Sports tourism equates to around $600 billion a year internationally. In an effort to promote the 120 types of sports it has to offer, Malaysia has set up the Malaysia Sports Tourism Council, a non-profit NGO that will help to make sports one of the fastest growing segments of the incoming travel industry.
Activities in Malaysia include diving around the country‘s islands, fishing, trekking, golfing at almost 200 courses, a variety of racing events and a range of more traditional sports. These include “sepak takraw”, where a rattan ball is kicked over a net on a court and played like volleyball, and “silat”, a Malay form of self-defence that has also become popular in parts of Europe. Events such as WSDE Sport Tourism Expo aim to stimulate the business deals of the future and source new contacts. Now in its second year, WDSE will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 27-29 September.
{photo courtesy Malaysia Tourism]