Maldives resorts give discounts as arrivals slide

Tour operators see discounts of up to 30% in the Maldives
Tour operators are seeing “very attractive offers” and discounts of up to 30% coming through from the Maldives, which recorded a 7.8% decline in arrivals in January – the fourth consecutive month a decrease was recorded, TTG Asia reports.
China, which in recent years edged out Europe to become the islands’ top source, has been in the doldrums since September, declining by 1.7% in September, 3.5% in October, 4.9% in November, 12.2% in December and as much as 33.1% in January. Adding to this, Russia was the worst performing market in January, dipping 38%.
All this saw Europe back as the number-one market to the Maldives, its market share rising from 44% in December to 54% in January. With Lufthansa looking to operate twice-weekly Frankfurt-Malé flights, Europe is likely to hold onto its regained position.
European operators say that the offers can come in the form of free extra nights, room upgrades or meal upgrades.
Mohamed Riyaz, managing director of Lets Go Maldives, said hotels have been discounting 20-30% since January and are planning more discounts for summer. He said this would help bring back volumes.
TTG Asia
[pictured: Maldives resort island]