Malmö mouse café artists promise more

AnonyMouse pledges next artwork will be even better
Malmö’s newest attraction, a tiny café on a busy street corner that’s big enough only for mice, will be followed by more openings, according to the evasive AnonyMouse team behind it.
The miniature restaurant and store for mice popped up without warning at the start of December. Since then, media reports about it have appeared across the world from Argentina to Australia and it got a mention on The Late Late Show with James Corden.
The artists behind it promise that the next installation will be even better.
“Of course we feel the pressure for the next installment. But we’re working on it day and night, so we’re confident that it’s gonna be even better than the previous one,” one of them tells The Local.
“The big test with the installation on Bergsgatan was to see if it would survive the weekend. It did, so we’ll leave it out. As long as people take care of it.”
The Local