Man found in hold of Addis Ababa-Stockholm flight

Arlanda employees find stowaway “exhausted but alive”
Employees at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport discovered a 27-year-old man in the hold of a plane arriving from Ethiopia, “exhausted but alive”. He later asked for asylum in Sweden.
Emergency services were called to the airport on Monday after the stowaway was found on the plane landing from Addis Ababa. He had travelled inside a container, which had been loaded into the hold.
“He was exhausted but alive,” Albin Näverberg, a Stockholm police spokesperson told the TT news agency.
His colleague Carina Skagerlind added: “We know that he travelled in the container from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa without any stops. It’s a pretty long journey.”
The flight time between the two cities is around eight hours. Skagerlind said the man had been able to access oxygen during the trip.
In August 2015, another man in his 20s survived the same journey to Stockholm from Addis Ababa.
TT / The Local

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