Man jailed for tossing cigarette in plane bin

Ex-soldier jailed for starting fire on holiday flight
A drunken former soldier who started a fire on a holiday flight to Egypt has had his prison sentence doubled.
John Cox, 46, will now serve nine-and-a-half years after having his term increased at an appeals court in London.
Cox threw a cigarette butt in a toilet bin while on a Monarch Airlines flight from Birmingham to Sharm el Sheikh in August 2015.
Because a similar unrelated toilet fire had broken out earlier on the same aircraft, cabin crew had already used two of the four extinguishers on board and additional water.
The pilot feared the crew would be unable to stop the second blaze, started by Cox, and put the plane into a sharp descent to stage an emergency landing.
Fortunately, a fire safety expert happened to be on the flight and helped the crew tackle the fire and bring it under control.
Cox, who was said to be under stress at the time due to the break-up of his marriage, was originally jailed for four-and-a-half years, but this was later challenged for being too lenient, leading to the appeal.
The Times / TTG Digital