Marketing your company in just five words

Image matters a lot in travel and hospitality

Image matters a lot in the hotel business, Ed Watkins writes in HotelNewsNow. Image is half the battle in marketing a hotel, so the words you choose must excite potential guests. However, hotels must also be sure they can deliver on any marketing promises they make.

Hotels should use colourful language in marketing. Describing a hotel company as an “industry-leading and innovative”, for example, comes across as boring.

Hotels are selling an experience: comfort, romance, relaxation, celebration, achievement, even productivity. They should take every possible marketing opportunity they get to sell that experience to customers.

The boutique brand Joie de Vivre Hotels used magazines as inspirations for concept and design, as a muse in defining the product, its vibe and style of service.

In finding five words or less to sum up a hotel, Watkins suggests “fun, romantic, relaxing” for a beach resort, “sexy, mysterious, breathtaking” for an urban boutique and “work hard, play hard” for a conference centre.


[pictured: Terrace Cafe, Holiday Inn Batam]

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