Matchmaking sites link agents with clients

Agent-locator tools evolve as resource for retailers

Technology is benefiting traditional travel agents as well as online travel agencies. Agent-locator tools are being used more widely to match clients with professional, non-virtual, flesh-and-blood travel agents.
For many agents, this internet-based matchmaking is translating into what Travel Weekly calls “the best business generator out there for both repeat and referral business”. Agent-locator tools are nothing new; what’s changed is that travel agencies themselves are now developing their own.
American Express revealed its Travel Insider program in 2011, while Travel Leaders has introduced its Agent Profiler. And Travel Experts’ website now has easy-to-search, customised pages on each of its independent contractors with slideshows of them in exotic places around the world and a summary of each agent’s specialties.
Travel Weekly
[photo courtesy American Express]

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