Meat cleavers and canes with knives – not on this plane

US passengers try to take unusual weapons on planes in 2015
Most air passengers are familiar with the dos and don’ts at airports, and the various items passengers can take on planes. But it seems the US still has a way to go in educating its citizens, TTG Digital reports.
Loaded firearms, a meat slicer with a razor-sharp blade, weapons inspired by Batman and a stun gun disguised as lipstick were among the items passengers tried to take with them into the air in 2015.
It seems that a number of passengers forgot – or perhaps did not realise – that weapons including guns and swords, as well as meat cleavers, are banned from hand luggage.
Airport security officers recorded one of their busiest years on record, apparently intercepting hundreds of guns, live ammunition, inert anti-tank shells and canes with hidden knives.
The items were prevented from being taken on board domestic or international flights from the US, leading to citations or even arrests for some of the passengers involved.
TTG Digital

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