Medieval village found in Denmark

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Museum invites public to attend live excavations
A small village that disappeared 400 years ago has been discovered near Odder in mid-Jutland, Denmark. Records for the village, Hovedstrup, date back to around 1300.
Archaeologists working with the local Moesgaard Museum found the remnants of the village, whose history may date even further back than 1300.
They have so far uncovered the remains of a paved road and three small homes, part of the remains of this small agricultural village.
The land changed hands many times through the ages, from being private farmland to royal ownership to being the backyard of Admiral Jens Rodsteen (1633-1706).
Further discoveries are possible, as the dig continues for another week. Moesgaard Museum is inviting the public to attend live excavations at the site on September 14 from 13:00 to 14:00.
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