Messaging apps with agents are a growing trend

Apps field questions and enquiries from regular travellers
A new wave of travel tech start-ups is matching people on the move with real, human travel agents via smartphone apps.
One of the apps has just been launched by Hyper Travel, which was co-founded in December 2014 by a former Google employee, Minqi Jiang. It is an iOS app that describes itself as “a person travel concierge in your pocket.”
It features in-app communications with travel agents as well as text and email-based travel booking services.
The five-employee Hyper Travel has three full-time agents as well as part-timers who respond to questions in real time. The agents may be doing up to five chats at the same time. Hyper gets its inventory through a variety of sources, including Amadeus, Google and Expedia.
Similar app launches include Lola Travel, which may soon have up to 100 full-time agents working on enquiries, and London-based RentalsCombined which offers professionally managed holiday rentals.

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