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Metro to link Copenhagen and Malmö

An underground rail line linking the Danish and Swedish cities is almost reality, the two mayors claim.

An underground rail line connecting Copenhagen and Malmö under the Öresund strait is on the cards, the mayors of the two cities have announced – a project they claim would bolster Scandinavia’s position in Europe.

Such a metro link between the Danish and Swedish cities could be built by 2035, the mayors said at a press conference in Malmö, Ritzau and The Local report, and would improve travel times, jobs and investment.

The service would depart every 90 seconds, with a travel time of 23 minutes – about half the time it takes at the moment.

Today’s maximum of 1.3 million people crossing the strait per hour using the existing road and rail links would rise to 2.3 million, the mayors said.

“The Öresund Metro connecting Malmö and Copenhagen has gone from being a vision I dreamed about six or seven years ago to possibly being reality,” Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen pronounced.

Malmö Mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh added: “The metro is of strategic importance for northern Europe’s hottest business market. The Nordic countries now have the opportunity to become a more important spot on the European map.”

€4 billion line
An advisory board of researchers and prominent business figures from the two sides has been set up to plan the metro project, which would cost around DKK 30 billion (€4 billion).

Called the Øresundsmetro Executive, it is headed by Jørn Neergaard Larsen, a former Danish employment minister and head of the country’s employers’ confederation. He said the project would have a “very, very big” synergising effect for the two countries’ Zealand and Skåne regions.

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