MH17 one year on: Families want justice

Almost 300 people were killed on flight MH17
Commemorations for the 298 passengers and crew killed on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are being held today in the Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine, as the families of the victims endure another painful milestone. Some have had to wait until now for scattered remains of their loved ones to be recovered from the site in rebel-held eastern Ukraine.
“We received 19 very small pieces this month,” said Silene Fredriksz, whose son Bryce was in the plane with his girlfriend, Daisy. “We will never get all of them back, because they have stopped looking, but I cannot wait any longer.” She added that funerals for Bryce and Daisy would be held soon.
Western governments believe the Russian-backed rebels shot the plane down with a BUK missile system. This belief is based on radio intercepts, photographic evidence, witness statements and satellite imagery.
Russia denies any military involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. It says a missile from a Ukrainian fighter jet brought the plane down. A report on the crash from the Dutch Safety Board is due in October. The Dutch have also called for a UN tribunal, an idea Russian President Vladimir Putin is alone in rejecting.

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