MH370 deliberately flown towards Antarctica?

“Whoever did this intended the plane to simply vanish from the planet”
Almost a year on from the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370, still no real evidence pointing to a solution has come to light. But there are plenty of theories.
The latest theory comes from aviation expert Malcolm Brenner, a former senior investigator with the US National Transportation Safety Board, interviewed by Huffington Post.
He will appear on a National Geographic documentary to be broadcast next month, about the vanishing of the Boeing 777 with all 239 people on board.
There is a “strong suggestion” that someone in the cockpit deliberately flew the plane off course, so the next logical step would be to make the plane “disappear”. Brenner said: “The flight over the next hour makes several more turns which appear to be human-directed and finally ends up flying and heading to Antarctica. So the appearance is this is a carefully thought out effort to evade detection.”
ABC News Aviation Analyst John Nance supports this theory: “I feel very strongly, very very strongly, given all the evidence we think we have […] that whoever did this intended for the airplane and the passengers to simply vanish from the planet.”
Author Ewan Wilson, whose book Good Night Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight 370, believes captain Zaharie Shah was suffering from mental health problems and deliberately depressurised the cabin causing the rest of the crew and passengers to lose consciousness, before ditching the plane in the sea.
Huffington Post


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