MH370 search likely to end in December

Almost all of 120,000 sq km area already covered
The underwater search for missing flight MH370 will end towards the end of this year, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau estimates.
In its latest search update, the bureau says it expects to complete the search for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in a 120,000 sq km area in the southern Indian Ocean “by approximately December 2016”.
More than 110,000 sq km have been covered so far, but bad weather has held back the search in recent weeks.
“It is anticipated that around October weather conditions will have improved sufficiently to allow the deployment of Remotely Operated Vehicles from [search vessel] Dong Hai Jiu 101. This equipment will be used to further investigate a range of sonar contacts,” the bureau says.
The governments of Australia, China and Malaysia have already agreed to suspend the search once the full area has been covered, if there are no further leads.

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