MH370 tail and wing parts discovered

Debris almost certainly from missing plane
More debris found in the Indian Ocean has been identified as almost certainly being from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
Stencilling on two pieces of debris, one from the tail and one from a wing flap, has been identified as being unique to the airline, the BBC reports. The pieces were found 200 kilometres apart on the shoreline of Mozambique.
Australian investigators say the stencilling, which says NO STEP, is in the same font and design as used by the airline. The colour and positioning of the stencil also match Malaysia Airlines.
Another clue is that the fastener contained in the tail part includes a manufacturer’s stamp, which times the production of the aircraft to the age of the Malaysia Airlines 777.
Further evidence is that no other 777 has ever crashed in the southern hemisphere and none has reported parts falling off.
Meanwhile, investigators are checking another piece with a Rolls Royce logo on it, believed to be an engine cowling from the aircraft.
The search for the missing airliner continues, with investigators stressing that most of the aircraft debris will have sunk in one place. The search is due to end this summer, but authorities say they are confident of finding the wreckage by then.
BBC / TTG Digital