MH370 video reveals difficulties of search

Rough conditions, remote location, deep water

Investigators looking for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have released a video explaining that the search is being hampered by rough conditions, the remote location and deep water.

The four-minute video, posted by the Joint Agency Coordination Centre on YouTube, shows how the area is still the most likely resting place for the plane as well as the search equipment being used and the challenges that are slowing the search down.

The video says that “searching for MH370 is a complicated task. The search area is a long way from land, the water is very deep and the seafloor is largely uncharted.”

It adds: “To help find the missing aircraft a bathometric survey of the seafloor was carried out, followed by a detailed underwater search using submersible vehicles fitted with sonar systems which will be used to detect the aircraft.”

Some parts of the area under investigation are 6.5 kilometres below the surface. “Daylight can only penetrate in some areas”, the video says, and on the “deep sea floor there is no sunlight, which makes has made progress in the search slow.”

However, “the governments of Australia, Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China will all continue to provide information and support as the search continues.”

The Week

[image courtesy Joint Agency Coordination Centre]

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