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Frantzén's The Cube. Photo: Martin Botvidsson/Stefan vdKG

More Michelin stars for Sweden and Denmark

Sweden has its first three-star restaurant, while both countries get new restaurants with stars.

It was an important night both for Swedish and Danish restaurants, as a gala in Copenhagen unveiled the new 2018 Michelin Nordic guide.

Highly praised chef Björn Frantzén reopened his eponymous restaurant in Stockholm in September after closing it in 2016 to move to a bigger space. He described it to the food news site Eater as “the old Frantzén times 10.”

Michelin apparently agreed, as the earlier version of Frantzén had a mere two stars.

“Björn Frantzén has created a unique vision of Nordic cuisine, combining sublime ingredients with astounding culinary techniques. His gastronomic expression is truly worth the journey and is a gustatory experience like no other,” declared Michael Ellis, the Michelin guides’ international director.

The chef himself called it a “bloody good Monday” when he received the award.

Time to book a table
The 2018 guide to quality dining in Scandinavia features 64 restaurants with stars in total, including three three-star restaurants, seven two-star restaurants and 54 with one star.

The guide reaches across the Nordic region to include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Denmark and Sweden have the most starred restaurants in the guide, with 26 restaurants each.

There are two new two-star restaurants — Daniel Berlin in Tranås, Skåne, Sweden, receiving his second star, and Kadeau in Copenhagen.

Sav in Tygelsjö, Aloë in Älvsjö and Agrikultur in central Stockholm all got their first stars. But one Swedish eatery, Sjömagasinet in Gothenburg, lost its star.

In Denmark, Geranium keeps its three stars, while Jordnær in Gentofte and MeMu in Vejle were given their first stars. Koks in the Faroes retains its star.

Noma is not among the Danish selections for the second year in a row, as it has only just reopened in Copenhagen. But 2019 stars for it are likely.

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