Middle Eastern airlines “second division” analysed

Gulf Air, Oman Air, Royal Jordanian focus on regional markets

Anna.aero analyses the “second division of Middle Eastern airlines”. With the big three airlines from the region “gobbling up all the route connections”, not much room is left for Gulf Air (based in Bahrain), Oman Air and Royal Jordanian (based in Amman). The gulf between them is substantial. While Etihad, the smallest in the big league, has only narrowly more weekly departures than its closest rival in the smaller league, Gulf Air, (1148 compared to 918), in terms of weekly ASKs (available seat kilometres) Etihad dwarfs Gulf Air (1086 million compared to 273 million).

Gulf Air and Royal Jordanian are cutting routes and capacity this year, blaming a volatile mix of high oil prices and political stability. Instead they will focus on profitable routes. Gulf Air, Oman Air and Royal Jordanian are focusing their networks on regional or African destinations instead of Asia or Europe. The path ahead will continue to be tricky for Gulf Air and Royal Jordanian, however, due to highly publicised local unrest.


[pictured: Crown Dining; courtesy Royal Jordanian]

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