Midnight sun tours inside Iceland volcano

Thrihnukagigur opens to “night-time” excursions

Visitors to Iceland will get the chance experience “night-time” excursions to the Thrihnukagigur volcano in June, now that the operators of tours venturing inside it have expanded their schedule.
The volcano has been dormant for over 4000 years and is described as stable enough for adventurous tourists to get inside it to see one of its magma chambers. As described in the Daily Mail newspaper, tourists “are lowered into the belly of the volcano using a cable lift that descends 120 metres from a four-by-four-metre opening in the summit.”
Besides the “after-hours” descents, tour groups are taken into the volcano four times a day between late June and mid-September.
Inside the volcano, which lies 20 kilometres south-east of Reykjavik in the Bláfjöll Country Park, magma has solidified on the walls instead of cooling into hard lava on the outside, resulting in colours and patterns on its interior walls.
Daily Mail
[photo courtesy InsidetheVolcano.com]


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