Millennials: the next tourism frontier

They have more cash to splash than any previous generation
A growing number of travel companies are trying to get a cut of the millennial market, while everyone in the travel business seems to be touching up their brands with millennial buzzwords, like connected, experiential and authentic.
“Like their parents, millennials love to travel, but they are looking to experience travel in a different way,” says Clint Johnston who founded Triphackr, a travel firm for the millennial generation.
The website suggests “travel hacks” like how to get cash back for delayed flights, and is filled with Instagram “trip-spiration”.
Millennials, a market loosely defined as being born between the early 1980s and 2000, spend $200 billion on travel a year. They have more cash to splash than any previous generation.
Because of them, many hotels are concentrating on shared spaces, faster internet and high-tech toys, such as iPad-activated check-ins and laundrettes fitted with video game consoles.
Living like a local is important to them, as are cultural and authentic encounters, and food is a priority. Millennials will share their experiences on social media. Brand loyalty is typically low but brands can cash in by supplying authenticity.