More airlines fly over Nordics

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Tailwinds propel air traffic in Norway’s skies

The Scandinavian countries, specifically Norway, are benefiting from more airlines choosing to fly overhead on transatlantic routes, the broadcaster NRK reports.

This is providing a windfall for Nordic air traffic operators, with airport operator Avinor earning millions from the additional mostly westbound traffic.

“The last five years have seen the number of flyovers in airspace controlled by North Norway double. That is a formidable increase,” says Raymond Ingebrigtsen, head of air traffic control in Bodø.

Airlines such as Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways are among the biggest users of Norwegian airspace, he said.

“For us the increase is positive. We must naturally increase staff during periods with more flyovers, but that apart, it is not something that requires investment.”

One of the motivating factors for more airlines opting to fly above Norway are the wind conditions. The money-saving tailwinds this creates outweigh the slightly longer distance to reach North America. Also Norway is cheaper to fly over than other countries like the United Kingdom.

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