More hotels becoming smoke-free

Awareness about side-effects of smoke is influencing hotel chains

The number of hotels that have rooms where guests can smoke is dwindling. Airlines, trains and most restaurants may be smoke-free, but hotels have been cautious in following the trend, keen to keep at least some rooms or floors for guests who are smokers. But many chains are introducing brands promoted as being completely smoke-free, such as Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield Suites.
In the US, Westin Hotels & Resorts was the first chain to go completely smoke-free in 2006 and Marriott followed a few months later.
Non-smokers, some of whom are allergic to smoke and cannot be on the same floor as smokers, will often complain about a room that has been smoked in. Guests are increasingly aware that not only second-hand smoke can cause cancer and heart disease but also smoke particles left behind in fabrics and carpets. The number of smoke-free hotels is therefore growing – even though the number of adults who smoke cigarettes in many countries is not actually declining.
USA Today
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