More strikes likely at Lufthansa, says union

Two-day strike at Germanwings cost over €10 million
Following the two-day strike last week at Lufthansa’s budget unit Germanwings, the pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit says that further and more widespread strikes are possible at the airline group. This includes the possibility of a strike for an unspecified amount of time.
“We will first give Lufthansa time to react,” Markus Wahl, a board member of the union, told the Reuters news agency. “We are not ruling out further strikes and are considering all options, whether strikes affect short-haul, long-haul, cargo, or a combination.”
The Germanwings strike covering the whole of Thursday and Friday hit 14,000 passengers, at a cost to the carrier of more than €10 million. It was the eleventh called by Vereinigung Cockpit since last April, over early retirement benefits.
[photo courtesy Lufthansa]

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