More strikes planned at British Airways

Cabin crew to stage six days of strikes in February
Almost 3,000 of British Airways’ cabin crew will strike again, for six days in February. The dates announced are three days from February 5 and again from February 9.
Members of the union Unite’s mixed fleet division – mainly younger and lower-paid BA recruits – are locked in an escalating dispute about pay with the airline.
The workers have already been on two strikes totalling five days in January, forcing the airline to cancel dozens of flights. British Airways tackled that disruption by diverting passengers to alternative or merged departures and also leasing planes and crew from British charter airline Titan Airways.
Unite’s national officer, Oliver Richardson, said: “Rather than addressing poverty pay, British Airways is spending money hand over fist on chartering in aircraft to cover striking cabin crew.
“If it can afford to waste money in such a manner then British Airways can clearly afford to address pay levels which are among the lowest in the industry.”
BA set up the mixed fleet system during a long dispute with cabin crew in 2010. All new recruits now join the division, which operates flights from Heathrow. Basic pay starts at £12,192 (€14,300) a year, but hourly flying pay and bonuses are added so that annual pay is at least £21,000 (BA says) or £16,000 (Unite says).
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