More Swedes and Norwegians visit Estonia

Estonia saw a record 85,000 foreign tourists in February

A record number of guests for the month of February stayed in Estonia this year. Of the 152,000 foreign tourists using overnight accommodation services in February, 85,000 were from abroad – almost 5,000 more than last February when Tallinn jointly held the well-publicised title of European Capital of Culture. The accommodation stats show that there were significant increases in tourist numbers from Sweden, Norway, Germany, the UK and especially Russia. This means that the overall proportion of Finnish tourists visiting neighbouring Estonia fell by 5 percentage points to 46% of the total number.
Tallinn is, of course, the most popular destination in Estonia, with 79% of the country’s incoming tourists from Finland and 77% of visitors from Sweden staying in the capital.
[pictured: Town Hall Square, Tallinn; EPA Photo / Nipa / Aivar Partel]