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More trains between Stockholm and Uppsala

Increasing demand means that “in a few years four tracks will be needed”, says SJ.

More departures and longer trains will be laid on in next year’s train timetable, with 40 of them in each direction on weekdays and a thousand more seats in the morning rush.

According to an application submitted by SJ to the Swedish Transport Administration, the rail operator has received a travel increase that is twice as high as forecast.

With the introduction of the Movingo commuter shuttle and tickets, SJ is experiencing a surge in demand on the route.

“We had previously lost a large proportion of passengers […], but after Movingo’s introduction the passengers returned. Our goal is, of course, to offer all travellers a seat, so we are now increasing the number of seats in the morning rush,” says Jan Kyrk, business manager at SJ.

SJ has applied for a completely new schedule of traffic that it says will better meet the large increase in the number of passengers.

In practice, this means that the number of departures increases from 37 to 40 from Uppsala to Stockholm and from 35 to 40 from Stockholm to Uppsala. This means that half-hour traffic is extended from 19:10 to 21:10 in both directions and there will also be an extra departure to Uppsala at 16:17.

What next?
The timetable application must now be handled by the Swedish Transport Administration. Next year’s train timetable will be confirmed at the end of September and start on December 9.

“In order to offer more locations, we use two-storey trains and long trains with ten cars in parallel with increasing the number of departures. These changes will make a difference now, but […] in a few years four tracks will be needed between Uppsala and Stockholm”, Kyrk says, which, he adds, will need a political decision.

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