Most dangerous cities for female travellers

London, New York, Paris join Bogota, Lima, New Delhi
A list of the most dangerous cities in the world for female travellers has been revealed by international market research firm YouGov. These are places where foreign women are routinely harassed and sometimes even abused on the streets.
It may be no surprise to see cities in India, Moscow and Colombia on the list, but what is a surprise is the inclusion of London, New York, Paris and Seoul in the top 16. Attitudes towards women are improving in Europe and North America, the report says, but there is still regular abuse in the form of cat calling and curb crawling.
“I’m truly appalled at how unsafe and how unfriendly some places are,” Julie Kreutzer, co-owner of website International Women’s Travel Centre, tells Mail Online. “You can’t even enter some countries if you’re a woman, yet most travel websites just skirt around the issue and prefer to focus on what lipstick a woman should wear.”
The full list:
1. Bogota, Colombia
2. Mexico City
3. Lima, Peru
4. New Delhi, India
5. Jakarta, Indonesia
6. Buenos Aires, Argentina
7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8. Bangkok, Thailand
9. Moscow, Russia
10. Manila, Philippines
11. Paris, France
12. Seoul, South Korea
13. London, UK
14. Beijing, China
15. Tokyo, Japan
16. New York, USA
[pictured: Bogota, the world’s most dangerous city for women?]