Most dangerous countries to visit?

Mexico and Thailand more dangerous than usual suspects
A new report revealing the world’s most dangerous countries to visit has thrown up some surprises, with Mexico and Thailand listed above, say, Syria.
Warnings from the US State Department give the wrong idea about travel destinations, says the new report by the German-owned American news website Business Insider.
“We decided to investigate what are the most dangerous countries for Americans to visit as measured by State Department warnings and also by actual deaths,” the website explains.
“We found that Mexico, Mali, and Israel have been targeted by the most travel advisories in recent years, but that Americans are more likely to face life-threatening danger in Thailand, Pakistan, and Honduras.”
The analysis finds that there are more warnings for Mexico, Mali and Israel than there are for Pakistan, which is fourth on the list. Over eight years, Mexico has had 28 separate warnings.
“Most other countries on this ranking are participants in ongoing international conflicts (e.g., Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan) or are sites in which extremist groups regularly carry out terrorist attacks (e.g., Mali, Nigeria, Syria),” Business Insider says.
But global crime stats differ significantly from the countries listed by the State Department. Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines are far more deadly for Americans.
TravelPulse / Business Insider