MSC completes vessel “stretch” with families in mind

Renaissance Program results in four “stretched” cruise ships
MSC Cruises has completed its Renaissance Program, which resulted in four “stretched” Lirica-class ships with 800 extra cabins over a period of 15 months.
The line had families in mind during the ships’ overhaul, which is why each vessel now has five separate clubs for children and teenagers.
Dining has been made more flexible, MSC said, with an extended range of menus and restaurants, while “guests can truly cruise at their own pace with buffet options available for a full 20 hours a day”.
The final ship to complete the Renaissance transformation was MSC Lirica. On board, MSC Cruises Chief Executive Officer Gianni Onorato told the press that the ship had been fully customised ahead of its May 2016 deployment in Shanghai with tailor-made touches for the Chinese consumers.
The vessel-stretch program also included Opera, which will sail from Cuba this winter, Armonia, based in Genoa, and Sinfonia, which sails from Durban.
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