MSC unveils advanced guest tech

MSC for Me system to consist of five elements
MSC Cruises has revealed details of its upcoming onboard technology platform set to be rolled out fleet-wide, TTG Digital reports.
The Swiss-owned line said its ‘MSC for Me’ system would offer the “very latest advances in customer-centric technology”.
The platform will consist of five elements, Navigation, Concierge, Capture, Organiser and TailorMade, and debut on MSC Meraviglia this summer.
To cater for the digital innovations, the vessel will be fitted with 16,000 connectivity points, 700 digital access points and 358 informative and interactive screens.
MSC for Me will later be rolled out on MSC Seaside in November and the rest of the line’s upcoming builds, while “key features” will then be rolled out across MSC’s 12-ship fleet.
The line is due to christen Meraviglia in Le Havre on June 3 and Seaside in Miami on December 21. Two more ships, MSC Seaview and MSC Bellissima, are under construction and will come into service in June 2018 and March 2019.
MSC for Me’s Navigation element gives customers access to a digital map and allows them to locate their children. The Concierge service will let passengers book onboard services such as restaurants. Capture gives the opportunity to virtually preview excursions in a gallery with interactive screens.
Organiser will be a mobile-based planning app for guests to book entertainment and dining before they embark. And with interactive bracelets, TailorMade will feature recommendations based on customer preferences and use facial recognition technology to enable staff take care of guests in a “highly-personalised way”.
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