Mystery CPH arrests linked to leaked IS list

Documents list names of Danes, broadcaster reports
At least one of the mystery arrests made recently at Copenhagen Airport was in connection with leaked IS documents that reveal the identities of the terror state’s foreign-born fighters, according to reports.
Police are still refusing to comment on the case, but the Danish broadcaster DR is now reporting that it has access to the leaked documents and that one of those arrested, a man aged 20 who previously worked as a telephone repairman, features in them.
Reports at the time said there were two or three arrests. It is believed that a hearing was held for the 20-year-old under Denmark’s “double-locked door” security provision.
The leaked list features the names of other Danes, including aliases, phone numbers of relatives in Denmark, previous jobs and education. PET, Denmark’s security agency, thinks more than 135 people have left the country to take part in armed conflicts in Syria or Iraq.
DR / Copenhagen Post

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