Mystery travel: a new travel trend

Agents and hotels organise auctions for luxury stays starting at US$1

Mystery travel is quickly gaining popularity in North America, according to EuroMonitor International’s Global Trends Report. The idea is that the consumer buys a travel package, usually at discount prices, before being told about the hotel and destination, although often a general geographical location is revealed beforehand. Travel agencies and hotels are cashing in on the trend.
For example, one company starts its mystery auctions for luxury stays at US$1. Holidays already won include what would normally be a US$500 stay for two people over three nights at a luxury hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and a similarly priced three-night stay for two in Follina, Italy.
It’s a good way to sell extra inventory. But the guests are hardly likely to become regular or favoured clients.
[pictured: Hotel Maritim Varadero Beach Resort, Spain]