Naked cruising trend is riding high

Cruises indicate rising trend in nudist tourism

Nude sailing is taking off as a trend in the cruise industry. One big scheduled cruise is the departure of the 3000-passenger Carnival Freedom from Florida in February 2013 for an eight-day journey to Panama. It has all the usual amenities, with one stark difference – passengers can enjoy all facilities without their clothes on. The cruise is already 70% booked.
But “it’s not just about getting on a cruise ship and taking your clothes off,” says Nancy Tiemann, owner of the company Bare Necessities, which is organising the cruise. “When we vacation, we would rather travel with like-minded people, whether nudists or jazz music lovers.”
Nudist tourism is evolving, with upscale resorts, bigger cruises – and the first nudist tourism expo last week in Las Vegas. Smaller nude cruises have toured the Mediterranean, even visiting Egypt – although not for the land excursions.
[photo courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines]