Nazi resort becomes luxury playground

Hitler’s giant beachfront camp finally being developed
A luxury tourist destination is being made out of a massive ruined Nazi-era relic on the German island of Rügen.
Adolf Hitler had intended Prora to be a giant beachfront playground and indoctrination camp for up to 20,000 Germans, but construction was never fully completed.
Building began in 1936 but stopped when war broke out in 1939. The concrete skeleton that remains, which later served as a secretive military barracks in East Germany’s communist state, stretches almost five kilometres along the beach.
There have been several attempts over the years to renovate the eight uniform six-floor blocks, but now four are finally being developed. A fifth has housed a youth hostel since 2011 but now that is being sold off too.
Blocks six and seven belong to a shadowy company from Liechtenstein, AFP writes. The Soviets blew up block eight.
Already the Prora Solitaire complex opened in one of the blocks this summer, with fancy apartments, balconies, a cream-coloured façade and a spa. The company behind it bought the block for €2.75 million in 2012 and invested €88 million in the renovation. Almost all of the apartments have been sold. The other blocks are expected to be finished by 2022.
Between 500 and 600 forced labourers worked on the site under the Nazis. Two museums about Prora plan to merge into a permanent space to ensure its history is not forgotten.

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