New “car-plane” on market in a year

Transition has two seats and wings and is on presale for €209,000

The manufacturer of a new car-plane has announced that it has successfully completed an eight-minute test flight. It is now possible that the prototype, called Transition, will hit the market within a year. The vehicle’s Massachusetts-based manufacturer, Terrafugia, says that future owners will need both a driver’s and pilot’s license with a minimum of 20 hours’ flying time. It could be just what drivers need to escape traffic congested roads.
Transition, which comes with two seats and collapsible wings, is on presale for $279,000 (€209,000) and around 100 of the auto-planes have already been ordered. It spans 2.3 metres with an eight-metre wingspan, and boasts a range of 787 kilometres. But it needs more than 760 metres of runway for take-off.
“We are getting to the point where 10, maybe 15 years from now, the people owning and operating them will be everyday people,” Winfield Keller, vice president of the trade group the International Flying Car Association, commented.


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