New “forest guide” to Europe’s wildest areas

Guide promotes travel to little-explored Baltics and Belarus

A newly released “Forest Guide” to some of Europe’s least explored wild regions, in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, has been published to help travellers find the best places for exploring ancient forests that have been untouched for centuries. It also introduces the forest world and its history, describing the plants, trees, animals, birds, mushrooms and other unique natural creatures and flora.
Chapters include a “history of the forests”, how the forests of the region are where coniferous meets broadleaf, things to see and do in all four seasons of the year, the best national  parks, excursions and guided tours, a “species finder” and practical advice for nature travellers.
The guidebook is produced by the Latvian Country Tourism Association together with the Latvian Fund for Nature and the Belarusian Association of Rural and Ecotourism “Country Escape” under the part-EU financed Agora 2.0 project.
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